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It’s driving unlike anything you’ve seen before. PEUGEOT’s all-new Plug-In Hybrid vehicles deliver unparalleled versatility and electric power on the road. Utilise 100% electric driving for short trips, while still being able to take those longer journeys when needed.PEUGEOT’s Plug-In Hybrids provide groundbreaking technology, daring design, and revolutionary environmental performance to create the ultimate driving experience.Go further than ever before with PEUGEOT’s Plug-In Hybrid Sedan or All-Wheel Drive SUV.

3008 GT Sport AWD Plug-In Hybrid

Powerful, efficient, refined – you’ve never seen a hybrid like this. With innovative technology and revolutionary design, the 3008 GT Sport AWD Plug-In Hybrid is the high-performance luxury SUV you’ve been searching for.

508 GT Fastback Plug-In Hybrid

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