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With over 80,000kms covered in 16 months, my PEUGEOT 508 Allure just keeps on trucking
Jeff Buyod
The Better than Average SUV: Peugeot 2008 vs Mazda CX 5
January 29, 2020 Perth City Peugeot
The Better than Average SUV Peugeot 2008 vs Mazda CX 5

The Peugeot 2008 is one of the strongest contenders for the beloved Mazda CX 5 in terms of a well-
kitted SUV for drivers. What is a sports utility vehicle (SUV)? There really isn’t a specific consistent
definition but think of it like an SUV that was designed to work in normal conditions like highways
and roads as well as being able to do accomplish some more intense requirements. So, read along as
we look at both SUV’s features and see if one might be more appealing.

Extra Features

A component that makes an SUV are the accessories that allow it to manage the more than
commonly needed tasks. Both SUV’s offer a quality touch screen interfaces that have Bluetooth
connectivity, both are hands-free. The Mazda CX 5 has a few unique extras like a 360-degree field of
view camera and a display that reflects on the windshield. Both manufacturers also offer added
features that act around safety.

When purchasing these SUV, you will see both SUVs are equipped with sensors all around to provide
a safe experience. These help to accomplish actions like stopping the car if the driver fails to react
when a crash is likely to happen. Unlike the Mazda SUV, the Peugeot 2008 offers another safety
measure with the ability to steer the SUV when performing reverse parallel manoeuvres, neat right.

The Power of These SUVs

For SUV’s the engines need to be quite strong, as the build of the vehicle is very sturdy. So, to look at
what both offers the Mazda CX 5 showcase a turbocharged Skyactiv-G 2.5T which produces 252Nm
of torque and 140kW of power. A very strong engine to say nonetheless.

The Peugeot 2008 offers a different approach where it prioritizes the weight to help reduce cost and
emission, saving money is always a good option. This SUV contains the award-winning PureTech
three-cylinder turbo petrol engine 81kW of power and 205Nm. Now as you can see if you need that
little bit more strength, the Mazda would be a good choice and if you are looking for a more
affordable daily use SUV the Peugeot 2008 would be the better choice.

Refined Designs

When you think of an SUV you think of strong, sturdy and more than anything, very far off the
ground. This is all for the purpose of being able to achieve more than what normal vehicles can
achieve. Each SUV has a striking design, but both have a different approach. The Peugeot offers a
more round and sleeker design, while the Mazda has a strong and rugged look. For that pesky height
from the ground, the Peugeot is a lot closer to the ground compared to the Mazda CX 5.

If you are looking for the supported weight, then let us take a look at the difference. The Peugeot
offers 434 litres of boot space (more than what is normally needed). You might be thinking, the
strength of the Mazda should hold more, and you are right by that with the offer of 506 litres.

Final Thoughts

When looking at these two SUV’s it shows why they are a cut above the rest. They both offer more
than the average car or SUV within their price range with barely any payoffs. Though with the Mazda
CX 5 costing $4,515 more than Peugeots 2008 SUV, you can see why Peugeot might be more of the
average driver’s type. I hope this helps you to get an idea of which SUV you think might be better
and have a good day.

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