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Skoda Kodiaq vs Peugeot 5008. A top shelf battle of the European Best Sellers!
February 22, 2021 Dilate Manager
Peugeot 5008 Dark Brown

The overall popularity of SUVs has exploded all over the world in recent years. This also includes the larger seven seat family SUV, where demand has never been higher and the competition in this segment is hotter than ever.

The Skoda Kodiaq and Peugeot 5008 are two of the most well known European models, with both offering a great blend of great looks and practicality and seemingly not much that separates them. In a different take from a pure Peugeot 5008 review, we’re going to take a look at two of the fiercest rivals in this market at the moment and see how they measure up against each other.



Each vehicle is certainly great to look at from the outside, but in different ways. The Skoda has a sleek almost understated look, while the Peugeot 5008 sports a slightly bolder appearance with a more prominent front bumper and grille design with nice contrasting trim, as well as striking light features such as the running led indicators at the front, and a claw design for the rear lights. Both look very similar in size, though the Kodiaq is ever slightly larger physically, and the Peugeot 5008 has a longer wheelbase.



Peugeot has decided to make the two highest level trim 5008 available in Australia, with the GT Line starting at $51,990 and the top level GT diesel variant at $58,990. Similarly, the Kodiaq is limited to three trims, with the entry level trim at $46,390, the Sportline at $50,290 and its most powerful Kodiaq RS for $68,890. So when we compare the top level trims of each, the Peugeot 5008 comes out a clear winner and better for your hip pocket being around a cool $10,000 cheaper.


Power and Efficiency

The Skoda Kodiaq is a whopping 249kg heavier than the 1473kg Peugeot 5008 GT Line, but makes up for this with a more powerful 132kW/320Nm 2.0-litre engine. This gives the Kodiaq more grunt over the 121kW/240Nm 1.6-litre unit in the 5008, allowing it be quicker off the mark. However a bigger engine means a thirstier one, with the Kodiaq needing 7.6 L/100km, while the 5008 runs at a more economical 7.0L/100km. The difference in fuel economy is even greater still between the 5008 GT and Kodiaq RS, who both sport 2.0-litre diesel engines (with different outputs).


Driving Experience

Both vehicles handle very well on the road. The lighter Peugeot 5008 is a more agile with a responsive feel, making for enjoyable drives. If it feels a bit too tame for your liking, switch to Sport mode to turn up that feeling of intensity. The Kodiaq with its more powerful engine is useful in overtaking situations, but is much grippier that the 5008 on the road, meaning a solid, but not necessarily fun experience.



Interior-wise both are very nicely laid out, and much like the exterior styling, it’s a matter of personal taste. The Skoda does somewhat feel more spacious in the driver seat. Then again some will like that cozier wraparound feel of the 5008 cabin, especially at the front. Both have nice responsive touchscreen infotainment units on the centre console. Design-wise, The touchscreen in the Kodiaq is mounted into the dashboard, whereas in the 5008, it is like a screen propped up on top of the vents which gives it a more prominent look. Other notable differences in the Peugeot include it’s unique i-Cockpit design, including a smaller than usual steering wheel and special one-touch gear shifter that sets it apart from the Kodiaq.


Boot Space

Similar to many other seven-seater SUVs, both the Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq don’t offer a particularly roomy third row for adults, and boot space is limited when you have these seats up. However, realistically in most situations you will only be using the first two rows, and with the third row down it opens up the boot space in the Kodiaq to a respectable 630L. However this is dwarfed by the 780L of space you get in the Peugeot 5008 (enough for a few more shopping bags). But if you go further and fold down all rear seats the boot capacity of both vehicles expands to a more similar size (2005L in the Kodiaq and 2042L in the 5008).

A couple of nifty differences is that in the Peugeot 5008, each of three second row seats can be operated and folded independently, giving you more flexibility in using the space. You can also remove the third row seats for a bit more space. The second row seats in the Kodiaq fold in the more traditional 60/40 split, and the third row seats are non-removable.



Safety is always a big priority and it’s good to know that both cars scored the maximum 5 stars on the Euro NCAP safety tests. But the 5008 does edge out the Kodiaq because it does offer some additional safety features as standard such as lane departure warning, active lane keeping assistance, and speed limit recognition.



It can be said that both the Peugeot 5008 and the Skoda Kodiaq are worthy of their popularity. They are well designed and practically built, making use of their size in good but slightly different ways.  

The Peugeot 5008 doesn’t boast the best raw performance, but it drives very well and is more economical. With a fresh, interesting design that manages to pack a lot into its slightly smaller frame, it’s  also great for buyers who would appreciate a bit more practical cargo space. It is a commendable large SUV that would make the perfect choice for city living and small growing families.

The Skoda Kodiaq on the other hand does offer extra performance as well as 4×4, which would likely make it more appealing towards the weekend warrior crowd. 

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