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Peugeot Parts Advice: Choose the Right Car Seat Material
August 8, 2018 Perth City Peugeot

Peugeot cars are built to be comfortable, safe for everyday use, and they have an excellent safety record. However, when you choose your next car, you may want to pay closer attention to the supplied car seats. In fact, one could argue that they should be one of your top priorities before you make a final choice. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be looking for in the ideal car seat.

Don’t Underestimate Comfort

The comfort levels are very important; long drives can be a real chore in an uncomfortable seat, and they can be a distraction for the driver. It may not be possible to spend a long time sitting in a car seat to test it before buying. For this reason, we will take a look at some car seat features that are worth your attention.

Choose the Right Material

Most modern cars will have car seats covered in one or a combination of four different materials; they are cloth, vinyl, Alcantara, and leather.


These are miles away from the woven, knitted covers and fake velvety textures some of us may remember from our youth. Many car seats are now covered with nylon that is durable and porous. This material looks great and is nice and cool to sit on over long periods. Other cheaper cloth coverings are made from PVC fabrics that are not as comfortable overall. A cloth seat is well cushioned, and it’s a great choice for people with an average build.


Back in the day, vinyl seats were prone to cracking and a cause of burnt thighs on hotter days. The new vinyl materials are far better now and are often a premium feature often referred to as faux leather or imitation leather. They look great, they are easy to wipe clean, and they can be supplied in many different colours. They are more expensive than cloth seats, and they tend to offer a firmer seating experience.


This is a suede like synthetic material that is often seen in sportier cars for seats, trim and steering wheel covers. It’s quite often used alongside leather as a highlight on premium models. It is a durable material; if it feels nice to the touch and will hold you in the seat during aggressive cornering.


A real leather seat will feel luxurious and have a premium look. The quality and cost of the leather will vary a great deal dependant upon the type and how it was processed. Some leather seats actually have synthetic coatings added to enhance the feel, durability, and colour. These types of leather should not be confused with synthetic or imitation leather. This is a good option that is often found on heated or powered seats at the more premium end of the range.

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