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Jeff Buyod
Reviewing the Peugeot 3008: The Ultimate in SUV Practical Luxury
September 25, 2020 Perth City Peugeot
Peugeot 3008 2020

Going up against potential competitors such as Nissan Qashqai, Ford Kuga (replaced by the Ford Escape in Australia) and Volkswagen Tiguan, Peugeot has seemingly pulled out all the stops to make the 3008 one of the most affordable and best value cars in a very popular and competitive class of SUVs. In this Peugeot 3008 review, we will look at what this family compact SUV has to offer.

Looking from the outside, this Peugeot fits perfectly into the current trend for bold and striking styling.

The inside of the 3008 is highlighted by a clever use of materials, with the stylish and contemporary new i-Cockpit dashboard at its centre of its design. Not only sporting a modern and interesting design, build quality and practical interior, the 3008 is also spacious and comfortable.

The 3008 is available in a range of trim options, with a choice of three currently in Australia: the Allure, GT Line, and GT. Allure offers a good blend of value and equipment, while the GT model comes with all the bells and whistles.

Driving Performance and Experience

Peugeot 3008 review

A range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines is used throughout the 3008 range, each one delivering capable performance and good fuel economy.

The turbo petrol engine boasts a high level of torque including in lower gears, delivering impressive acceleration. Offered with the EAT6 6-speed automatic gearbox, these engines excel in terms of performance and driving pleasure, as well as lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

For the more economically minded, the diesel models are most efficient and even stronger, powering the car along effortlessly even when fully loaded with passengers and bags. For a more sporty and engaging driving experience, choose the most powerful version of the range, available exclusively on the GT trim.

Its suspension is soft enough to offer all the comfort a family car should, cushioning the bumps and jolts of all but the roughest of roads and potholes with great effectiveness. And the sharp cornering response (thanks in part to its interestingly small steering wheel) provides one with a subtle feel of Peugeots rallying tradition.

The Peugeot 3008 is competent and enjoyable to drive around the city, while it’s impressively quiet and sure-footed on the highway. From behind the wheel, it’s easy to forget that the 3008 is a large vehicle.

A Look Inside

Peugeot 3008 Inside

Hop inside the 3008 and you’ll notice a classy vibe, surrounded by an upmarket feel comparable to some more premium-badged alternatives in the family SUV class.

As with its bigger 5008 stablemate, the cabin design along is swish, with an interesting combination of different high quality materials such as soft-touch plastics, textured cloth and leather trims. The seats are ergonomic and comfortable, with the high driving position offering great visibility of the road.

Peugeot’s unique i-Cockpit design is sleek and modern. Old-school dashboard dials are replaced with a 12.3-inch customisable digital display, and an 8-inch colour touchscreen houses the car’s infotainment unit, packed with features such as smartphone connectivity, in-built satellite navigation option, and where you view the reversing camera.

Mum and dad would also appreciate receiving a relaxing massage while in the driver’s seat while ferrying the kids around or going to and from work.

Storage options are decent, with the standout being a huge central armrest that is also air-conditioned (useful for keeping food and nice and cool), along with two cup holders for your morning tea or coffee.

Passenger and Boot Space

Peugeot 3008 boot space

The Peugeot 3008 is roomy enough for a small family, with a larger boot than some competitors in its class. There’s plenty of room, both in the cabin and in the boot.

Though the plush interior gives a sense of being warmly cocooned in the 3008, it’s by no means cramped up front, with ample space for front-seat passenger to stretch out.

Likewise, head and legroom are good in the rear, especially in the outer two seats. The back doors also open nice and wide, allowing for easy access getting in and out.

While the 3008’s boot isn’t the biggest in the family SUV class, it’s still spacious and big enough to accommodate a pram, golf buggy or a couple of large suitcases with ease. It’s a practical space too, with no awkward boot lip or structural obstructions.

The rear seats can be folded completely flat, with handy quick-release levers just inside the boot opening make folding easy. You can also get a folding front passenger seat, allowing you to use the full length of the car.

The electric tailgate can also be operated hands-free, very convenient if you have both hands full of shopping, keeping hold of the children, or something heavy or fragile you don’t want to put down.

Safety and Security

The Peugeot 3008 holds the highest ANCAP safety rating possible, so you can drive the family around with confidence they are well protected.

In addition to multiple airbags and Isofix mounts for safely securing child seats, you get access to loads of innovative safety systems designed to help you avoid any unfortunate accidents.

There’s Automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning system if you accidentally wander out of your driving lane. The driver attention alert system will warn you in case you show signs of nodding off (maybe after a sleepless night with the kids).

The active blind spot detection and lane keep assist systems will actually help automatically correct the steering to help you stay in lane or to avoid obstacles you may have failed to notice in your blind spot when changing lanes.

Final Thoughts

As for final thoughts in this Peugeot 30008 review, if you’re looking for a car that’s easy to drive while providing a high ride height for good visibility, along with plenty of space for the family, the Peugeot 3008 foots the bill.

With quality interior design and feel, it also comes loaded with a heap of tech. Safe, practical, and economical, the well-equipped Peugeot 3008 is one of the best value compact family SUVs you can buy.

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