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Jeff Buyod
Electric Performance Models Could Appear at Your Local Peugeot Dealer in 2020
December 14, 2018 Perth City Peugeot
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Peugeot car dealers offer a fantastic variety of models, but this selection looks set to develop further from 2020 with the addition of electric sports sedans, hot hatches and SUVs. Peugeot HQ has hinted in recent announcements that the brand is committed to bringing a number of “electrified sports vehicles” into showrooms from 2020.

The Potential Range

Although it hasn’t been confirmed the form these new models will take, Peugeot HQ has stated that the brand will offer a range of low emission, high performance electrified sports vehicles starting in 2020.

In a press release, Peugeot stated that these electric sports versions are set to be developed in collaborations with the Peugeot Sport teams to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This challenge is in accordance with the European institutions’ instructions to the automotive industry.

This is the first time that there has been any official confirmation of Peugeot electric performance vehicles. However, there has been a number of reports and rumours that claim the next generation 308 GTi and 208 GTi hot hatches will be available with electric powertrain options.

Electric Power

Peugeot HQ has also gone on record that the brand intends to provide greater consumer flexibility. The plan is to allow customers to buy their car and then choose a powertrain. According to Jean Philippe Imparato, Peugeot CEO “driving pleasure” is integral to the Peugeot history and electrification will provide a new opportunity to present high performance variants to drivers looking for a “low emission sports sensation.”

The performance sensations will be amplified by electric powertrains. Mr. Imparato stated that there are new territories yet to be explored with new challenges to meet. The Peugeot brand will continue an adventure towards a very exciting future, and boredom will never be a component of the brand’s DNA.

What Can We Expect?

It is thought that the first models that will get the electric performance treatment will be the 208 and 308. These hot hatches are due for a generation overhaul soon, but there is also a rumour about a high output hybrid plug in 508 model.

Peugeot HQ has also said that there are possible plans to build the all electric e-Legend concept. This gorgeous model was launched at the recent Paris motor show, and if there is enough interest, Peugeot may consider creating a production model.

Peugeot HQ has also revealed the GT Hybrid4 3008 crossover. This plug in hybrid generates 221 kW and is capable of reaching 100 kilometres per hour in just 6.5 seconds. This is undoubtedly hot hatch territory, and with a 50 kilometre range solely on electric power from the 13.2 kWh battery, this could fit the sporty electric theme. Unfortunately, Peugeot Australia has ruled out a local launch for this model, in addition to the lower output PHEV 508 sedan and wagon at this time. It has been confirmed that the new hybrid drivetrain range is not currently available here in Australia. However, Peugeot HQ has said that the company will continue to monitor the suitability and availability of the drivetrain and would assess the case for a local introduction.

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