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Jeff Buyod
4 Driving Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Peugeot 208
July 5, 2019 Perth City Peugeot
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The Peugeot 208 is an excellent hatch that’s equally at home in the city and out on the highway. However, no matter how good a car is it’s only really as good as the driver. It sometimes seems that the longer that we drive, the worse we become at driving. The accumulation of bad habits can become ingrained, and in no time at all, we seem to make driving mistakes that would have been unthinkable when we first started taking driving lessons. In this article, we will look at four driving mistakes that you need to avoid whenever possible.

1. A Lack of Attention

As we become used to driving, it gradually seems to become a secondary and then even a tertiary activity. There are many other things that seem to command our attention, and we may even find ourselves snapped back into the present by an urgent need to brake or maneuver. This isn’t unusual; if you are paying attention, you only have to observe how other drivers are driving around you to notice that many people are not paying attention. Even a cursory moment spent adjusting your playlist or playing with the navigation settings can end in disaster. Whenever possible try to pay attention to the road because we need as many attentive drivers as possible out there.

2. Don’t Over or Under Signal

Many drivers don’t seem to know when and when not to indicate, and they travel for long distances with their signals blinking. They may be changing lanes or taking corners without warning at the very last second, but you’ve been patiently following them with no idea where they are going. The absolute worst place to encounter a driver like this is on a roundabout, where some drivers will go round and round, and no-one has any idea where or when they will exit. Please use your indicators, but do it sparingly and always turn them off when you’ve completed your maneuver.

3. Stay Out of the Fast Lane

It’s important to stay out of the fast or overtaking lane unless you’re actually overtaking. This simple rule of the road seems to be difficult for many drivers to comprehend and it can create real problems. If you pull out into the fast lane and you’re travelling at a slow speed, you will cause cars to slam on their brakes quickly. This could cause an accident, and it will also slow down any emergency vehicles that need to get past. So, always stick to the left lanes unless you need to overtake and then pull back in as soon as you’ve passed the car ahead.

4. Avoid Tailgating the Car Ahead

When you tailgate another car ahead of you, it places tremendous pressure on their driving, and it could cause an accident. Some people are nervous drivers, and they can make simple mistakes if they are placed under a certain amount of stress. This is simply an obnoxious and aggressive way to drive that doesn’t achieve anything. Pull back a little and give the driver some room, use the two second rule and your distance will be ideal for safer driving.

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