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Jeff Buyod
Could the 2019 Peugeot 208 GTi be Electric?
July 24, 2018 Perth City Peugeot

Anyone familiar with the internal machinations of the modern car industry will understand that it can be rife with rumours at times. This can make it difficult to sift fact from fiction to get to the heart of a story regarding new and upcoming models. However, a Peugeot company boss has recently hinted that there may be a zero emission Peugeot 208 performance variant released alongside the petrol version in 2019. Let’s take a closer look at what could be an exciting release.

The Next Generation 208

The next generation Peugeot 208 is set to be released next year and as one would expect there will be a GTi performance variant. However, there may also be an enticing option to choose a petrol or electrically powered version according to a report published by Auto Express in the UK. The CEO of Peugeot is Jean-Pierre Imparato, and he stated publicly that customers can “choose their powertrain.” He later went on to add “I’ll reveal this in full in March” and then said, “I don’t want the future to be boring.” This may seem inconclusive, but it has to be taken in context with other statements that he made later when he said “my message will be that each I launch a new car it will be electrified,” and he then added, “you will buy your Peugeot, and you will choose your powertrain.”

This seems to indicate that there will be more electrified models in future, but it alone it doesn’t relate to a GTi variant. However, Mr. Imparato also mentioned that “when you buy a Peugeot you will find design, the latest version of i-Cockpit, the upmarket trim levels like GT-Line, GT and perhaps GTi” he then added “I don’t want to generate any difference between Electric Vehicles (EV), and combustion engined models, but the customer will choose the powertrain”.

The Geneva Motor Show

These comments from the CEO of Peugeot no less, seem to leave little to interpret incorrectly. It would seem to be the case that the next generation 208 will have an electric powertrain for the GTi variant. The new generation 208 is set to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019, and we will have to wait until then to be certain.

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