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Jeff Buyod
After some podcasts for long car rides? We’ve got you covered
December 13, 2021 Dilate Manager
After some podcasts for long car rides We've got you covered

Nothing beats a great road trip. The open road, stretching out before you, viewing scenic landscapes as you travel, jamming along to iconic playlists… But long drives can be pretty tiring if you don’t have the right entertainment planned!

Podcasts have long been the go-to source of entertainment for long-distance travel, and they’ve only grown in popularity in the last decade. The best thing about podcasts is – they are unfettered entertainment.

If you have a topic in mind, you can bet there’s a podcast for it. True crime, pop culture, comedy, novels, business marketing/entrepreneurship, and family-friendly shows – it can be tricky to know where to even start.

So whether you’re after something light and breezy or a podcast with a little bit of meat to it, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a selection of some of the best podcasts, all of which are highly recommended for long car rides.



True pop culture! It is a great podcast for a road trip with best friends! Soundtracking is the podcast for you if you appreciate movies, movie music, or just music in general. 

Each week, Edith Bowman, a veteran BBC Radio DJ, chats to filmmakers, producers, actors, and composers about the music that inspires them, as well as the soundtracks of their films. It is a fascinating musical experience that can transform from tragic to amusing, and vice versa.


Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a perfect podcast that breaks down the noises that make our everyday lives fascinating and often surprising. Dallas Taylor is the show’s creator and host, bringing a well-informed perspective to each topic. 

Discussion about the 20th Century Fox movie prologue, the neurological ailment synaesthesia, and acoustics with celebrity guest Bill Nye are some of the highlights.



Sawbones might be just up your alley if you’ve ever spent more time than you would like to admit watching those wild emergency department shows. While it doesn’t contain any bizarre modern-day medical cases, it does take deep dives into medical history, which is even stranger and more fascinating. 

Hosted by Dr. Sydnee McElroy with her husband, Justin, this show is enthralling and full of character. Every week, while Justin jokes and feigns to understand science, Dr. Sydnee sets out the weird and unsettling history of a medical condition.


Latina to Latina

Alicia Menendez, a Bustle contributing editor and host, welcomes Latinas like comedian Cristela Alonzo, Ex UN General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces, and actress Gina Rodriguez to discuss life, problems, and accomplishments as women of colour navigating the world. A weekly podcast, Latina to Latina has been airing since April 2018. It is perfect for a long trip as you have an abundance of episodes to choose from. 


Stuff You Missed in History Class

One of the best family-friendly podcasts! This one is all about history – the more exciting side you may have skipped in history class.

Suppose you are curious about the origins of Christmas staples like candy canes and gingerbread, or you want to learn about the construction of Disneyland’s famed Haunted Mansion and the challenges they faced while building it, you can hear all about it. Stuff You Missed in History Class is the podcast for long car rides or your next family road trip.


Armchair Expert

The breakout podcast of actor Dax Shepard debuted in February 2018 and rapidly attracted a passionate following of “Armcherries.” Shepard invites friends and fellow celebrities to discuss the messiness of being human. Each episode is extensive, so depending on where you are driving, one episode might be enough. Sex, mental illness, and failure are all discussed openly, making for honest—but maybe not child-friendly—listening.



Serial, the true-crime podcast from the producers of This American Life and hosted by Sarah Koenig, caused waves when it probed the murder of Hae Min Lee, unearthing fresh material and meeting with the convicted murderer Adnan Syed, who maintains his innocence.

Serial explores one tale throughout the length of each season, delving into it in great detail and making it ideal for long road trips.

The stories might be so captivating you won’t want to get out of your car once you reach your destination.


But Why?

But Why is a podcast for curious kids that answers questions about big and small themes. For instance, where does the sky end? What is the meaning of life? Do animals marry?

Each 25-minute episode (which airs twice a week) focuses on a different topic, and curious kids are invited to send in their questions via email for professional visitors to answer.


The Land that Never Has been Yet

This podcast retells American history and is named after a passage from Langston Hughes’ poem “Let America Be America Again.” Chenjerai Kumanyika, John Biewen, and Loretta Williams meet to portray history often overlooked in textbooks. They also interview journalists, celebrities, and activists like the late John Lewis and Nikole Hannah-Jones. As you travel or drive, you can reflect on the American Revolution, the Constitution’s flaws, and the inextricable blending of sexism and racism.


Le Var Burton Reads

LeVar Burton Reads is a must-listen for fans of short stories. Yes, THE LeVar Burton of Roots, Reading Rainbow, Star Trek, and Jeopardy fame, whose velvety warm voice urged young millennials and Generation Z to embrace their love for reading. Download the same fantastic voice and listen. Every week, he chooses and reads a short story that he likes.

The Ultimate Road Tripping Companion

Podcasts are ideal for long road trips – especially if your music playlists are all starting to sound a bit repetitive. They’re a fantastic way to learn a little, listen to some amusing stories, think or not think at all while driving.

While choosing from the thousands of podcasts available can be difficult, we’ve combed through the podcasting world to identify our favourite podcasts for long car rides. What are yours?

If you’re searching for your next road trip companion our team at Peugeot Perth can get you on the road in the perfect wheels for you. Contact us today and we can get started.