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Jeff Buyod
4 Car Insurance Exclusions Explained
June 7, 2019 Perth City Peugeot
New Peugeot 3008

If you have the latest Peugeot 3008 2019 model, it’s likely that you’ve already protected your investment with car insurance. But, is your car as insured as you think it is? Could there be exclusions hidden in your car insurance policy that you’re not aware of? In this article, we will look at four of the lesser known car insurance exclusions that you may not know about.

1. The Car is Unroadworthy

The new Peugeot 3008 price is a fantastic value proposition, it’s an extremely safe and well equipped car, but like any car, it still needs regular maintenance to confirm that it’s safe to drive. If you drive a 3008 SUV or any other vehicle that has engine problems, bald tyres, malfunctioning brakes, or any other problem that could make your car unsafe your insurance claim could be denied. The car insurance claim could be rejected even if you’re not at fault if your car is deemed to be unroadworthy.

2. The Driver isn’t Listed on Your Policy

If your car is in an accident and the person driving at the time isn’t listed on the insurance policy the claim could be denied. Some insurers may pay on a claim if the insured driver loaned their car to someone else, but there is no guarantee. If you have another person in your life that will be driving your Peugeot 3008 on a regular basis make sure to add them to your insurance policy as a named driver.

3. The Car is Overloaded

The Peugeot 3008 has a decent amount of cabin and boot space, and this makes it a tempting vehicle for touring and holidays. However, if you overload the car on a trip to IKEA or to help someone move house and you get involved in an accident, you may have a problem. There are strict laws in every Australian state and territory that strictly prohibit the loading of a car that could restrict the view of the driver and the stability of the vehicle. If the weight in the car is distributed unevenly, the car will be unsafe, and this could cause an accident. So, you would essentially be breaking the law and voiding your car insurance claim at the same time.

We all know by now that we should be driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. However, many drivers don’t know that their insurer will not pay out on a claim if the driver has legal drugs in their system. We’re talking about medications, such as strong painkillers, anti allergy medicines, sleeping tablets and cold and flu medicines. Many of these legal drugs carry a warning that concentration, coordination and reaction times could be affected by those taking them. Having these types of medications in your system after a road traffic accident may void your insurance.

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