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Jeff Buyod
3 Top Tips for Safer Peugeot 5008 Easter Driving
May 3, 2019 Perth City Peugeot
Peugeot 5008 SUV

The Peugeot 5008 is the perfect family SUV to use for longer road trips. During Easter, many families will hit the road to visit family and friends and enjoy a well earned break. Sadly, at these busier driving times, some drivers are injured or even killed on our roads, and many of these incidents are not that different from accidents at other times of the year. Drink and drugs are not considered to be a major causal factor, and the ATSB regards these road traffic accidents as random events. It is true that there are more cars on the road at Christmas and Easter and this does affect the accident rates. Let’s take a look at three top tips that will help you to stay safer in the busier Easter period.

1. Have a Realistic Timetable

It’s very tempting to say “let’s go straight from work” and get the vacation started earlier. The theory is that you can get a jump on everyone else and cruise down an empty highway without a care in the world. Sadly, this doesn’t really work in practice, many people will have the same idea, and you will end up in a traffic snarl anyway. This timetable may even mean that you are doing the majority of your driving during dusk or night hours and you may even be on rural roads. This will lead to an increased chance of an animal strike, and this would be a devastating start to your Easter break. It’s a better idea to take an extra day of annual leave, then you can set off at a sensible time, and you will be fresher for the driving journey ahead.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Journey Time

If you’re going to see family and friends or you’re visiting a place you know well it’s likely that you will have a good idea how long the journey will take. However, at Easter all bets are off, there will be far more cars on the road, and this will affect your journey times. Study traffic reports and weather forecasts before you set off and pay attention to locations of traffic snarl ups and road works. Maybe you can plot a better route that avoids many of these problems, and you have a nice relaxing journey. If you can, set off earlier, but go after the sun is up to get a safer start for your trip. It’s also a great idea to factor extra time for your journey, and then you won’t feel rushed because you’re not sticking to your schedule.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

Many people like to celebrate a much needed break with a few drinks after work, and this is a great way to unwind with friends. However, if you’re planning an early start to a journey for the next morning, this is not a winning strategy. Driving on busy Easter roads is a stressful activity, and you will need your wits about you to keep everyone safe. So, it’s a great idea to avoid alcohol altogether on the day before setting off and get an early night. This will ensure that your well rested, fresh and alert for the driving ahead.

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