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Peugeot Partner Van Partner Van

Partner Van


Live the All-New Peugeot Partner Van

The Van That Accomplishes All Tasks It Faces

The Peugeot Partner Van is an exciting take on what an affordable van can offer. Featuring a more elegant design from Peugeot, this van is fitted with new gadgets and accessories that look like they were from the future. Coming in two different options, the experience is more customized to what you want from a Peugeot van.

Accessories of Tomorrow

This Peugeot Partner Van is equipped with accessories that keep it a step above the rest. The main standout feature from this is the new rear-view mirror that does a lot more than just see behind you. Our van is equipped with cameras around the car to let you see from any angle around the van. From a bird’s eye view to looking out the blind spot, this Peugeot Partner Van offers an experience you won’t get from other contenders.

Designs with Dimensions


The Peugeot Partner Van has been built with a unique but comfortable design with the i-Cockpit interior. This design raises the helpful dashboard indicators for greater visibility and lowers the steering wheel to allow for more relaxed arm placement. An ergonomic design makes the interior look modern but comfortable at the same time.

Engines for Everyone


Options are important, so this Peugeot Partner Van offers different engines depending on the model chosen. The standard model is fitted with a 1.2L turbo petrol engine and either a 110 6-speed manual or 130 8-speed automatic drivetrains. The long variant of the Peugeot Partner Van offers a 1.6L turbo diesel engine and comes built with a 5-speed manual transmission.

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