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  • We’re Still Open & Trading. Let’s get through together.

    We understand that now is a very uncertain time for many across the world & Australia and many have concerns…

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    4 Car Insurance Exclusions Explained

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    Electric Performance Models Could Appear at Your Local Peugeot Dealer in 2020

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    Don’t Forget Stamp Duty When Looking at Peugeot Offers

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    Is it Illegal to Drive and Smoke in Your Peugeot 308 GTi?

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    Peugeot Parts Advice: Choose the Right Car Seat Material

    Peugeot cars are built to be comfortable, safe for everyday use, and they have an excellent safety record. However, when…

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    4 Things You Need to Do When Test Driving Peugeot Demo Cars

    Peugeot have long been associated with unique and innovative design and the 208 5 door hatch is no exception.

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    Possibility of New Peugeot SUV: 2018 PSA Group Announcement into Electric Vehicles

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    The Benefits of Choosing Genuine Peugeot Parts

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    The Peugeot i-Cockpit® Delivers the Ultimate Driving Experience

    Peugeot are world leaders when it comes to innovation and use the latest technology to ensure an instinctive driving experience.…